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With over a decade of development experience in a number of industries I realized that the typical product creation process between clients and developers was flawed. All too often developers rarely communicate to clients throughout the development stage, resulting in a final product that fails to reach the goal sought by the customer and end user.

For this reason I decided to utilize a completely different development pattern that focuses on highly focused communication and transparent design patterns. When I take on a project not only do I work to craft the application according to the client's specifications, I give daily updates to ensure that the project is aligning properly with the client's goals. The end result is the right product, delivered on time, and on budget.

CTO - Lead in the development of the devCamp Learning Management System along with curriculum development from founding to acquisition.
W blue
VP Engineering - Managed development department for Wilson Systems and lead in the build out of a number of enterprise web and mobile applications.
Chief Architect - Lead in the planning of a number of key development projects.
Curriculum Director - Developed the curriculum for the Bottega Code School, including courses on: Ruby on Rails, Algorithms & Data Structures, Front End Coding, and Database Management.
Currently in Graduate School in the Texas Tech University Computer Science program studying machine learning.
Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Grantham University with a BS in Computer Science.
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