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An optimistic proposal for making horrible code... Bearable


Talk from Joe Mastey

Common approaches to working with legacy code

  • Continue adding onto poorly structured code
  • Making small changes

Alternative approach

  • Name the evil (the issues with the codebase)
  • Sorting files by line length
  • bundle exec rake stats
  • Using tools such as RuboCop to set code structure benchmarks
  • Adding Rspec tests that checks for line counts in a program

"As we fix things, we are going to break things."


  • Make your tests better - delete poorly written tests
  • Make writing new tests fast - attempt to write tests that don't need to interface with Rails directly
  • Eliminate dynamic code - metaprogramming can make a codebase unreadable (and therefore incredibly challenging to add/update/etc) - readability is vital
  • Behead the dragon - tear apart convoluted components

Key to success: Ensure to focus on the process.

Link to his slide deck