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Decouple Your Models with Form Objects


Talk given by Andrew Markle.

Form Object


An object that can be passed into a form.

Typically added to a new directory called app/forms.


  • Not limited to ActiveRecord objects
  • Model agnostic

Challenges with Multi Page Forms

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ActionCable + Amazon Alexa


Talk given by Julian Cheal and Jonan Scheffler.

Intent schema

The intent schema allows you to setup a mapping for tasks that you want it to run. Example: deploying an application to heroku

This Interaction Model is a co... Continue reading

Observing Change: A Gold Master Test in Practice - Jake Worth


Jake Worth discusses how developing legacy code is inevitable. Every production application will, at some point, become a legacy application.

In order to properly work on legacy applications, tests are a prerequisite.

  • Unit tests
  • API tests
  • UI tests

Unit tests get the closest to specifying application behavior, but can still fall short.

Gold Master Test

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JSON Web Tokens - Lance Ivy


Lance discussed the concept of JWT (JSON Web Tokens), starting with the example of how to share authentication between multiple applications (a mobile and a Rails web application).

What is Logging in?

  1. User logs in from browser.
  2. Browser is sent back a cookie from the server. Follows the request/response lifecycle.
  3. Cookies are headers in HTTP request/responses.

What are cookies?

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Keynote: David Heinemeier Hansson


To kick off Rails Conf, the founder of the Ruby on Rails framework (along with 37signals, Basecamp, etc), David Heinemeier Hansson, discussed a number of topics:

  • Picking the right tool for the job from an application development perspective.
  • Understanding that it's not possible to know everything in the development community (aka a new JS framework each week, every SQL command, etc.).
  • Embracing the Rails community,... Continue reading