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Rails Development

Best Ways to Connect to an API in Rails Application

Communicating with APIs is a great way to make your Rails applications more robust. You have lots of tools at your disposal for connecting to APIs. These tools make it easy to connect to the APIs with minimal programming. If you want to connect immediately, check out one of these easy-to-use options.


Typheous makes fast and reliable HTTP requests, allowing you to connect with external APIs quickly and easily. It does this while encapsulating handling logic. This gem consists of three classes, which are Request, Response, and Hydra. Request refers to the process... Continue reading

A Brief History of Ruby on Rails

Since Ruby on Rails is an open source web development framework, it can be easy to forget that it has a specific creator. It’s not like you have to pay a licensing fee to Microsoft or Apple whenever you use it. However, it did not just come out of thin air. It was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2003. Take a look at Hansson’s achievement, and then see how the achievement was possible.

From Basecamp to Ruby on Rails


Back in 2003, Han... Continue reading

What Makes a Good Rails Developer?

If you’re thinking of becoming a Rails developer, you want to be the best. The best Rails developers have certain traits that you can emulate. Then you will be able to walk in their shoes and become successful with Rails development.

Problem Solver


As a programmer, you will find yourself up against a wall from time to time. While some developers bang their heads on the wall until they knock themselves out, the best ones persevere through difficul... Continue reading

A Guide to Understanding the Model View Controller Architecture

Models, views, and controllers provide the architecture for Rails. Known as MVC, this format means that the models are objects, the view is the presentation layer, and the controller handles the processes and responses for the various events that occur.

That’s just a basic explanation, though. You need to look under the hood so you can understand the different processes. Understanding the different processes will help you when you develop Rails applications.

First, though, you need to understand how basic web architecture works. Then, you will be able to appreciate the ... Continue reading